Why Silent Discos are Fantastic Fun for School Parties & Events

Why Silent Discos are Fantastic Fun for School Parties & Events

School’s out.… for a silent disco!

The beauty of silent disco is that it has something for everyone. Young and old alike. Forgetting ‘the old’ for a minute (sorry teachers), the advantages and benefits of silent disco parties for schools are numerous. Schools, by their very nature, are diverse. And if you are going to have a party, it makes sense to make sure that as many people as possible enjoy it.

How can you do that? Simple, two words, “silent” and “disco”. Once you’ve tried one you’ll want to put a conventional disco in detention!

We’ve provided a list of reasons why it makes perfect sense to use a silent disco to make your school party the loudest (quiet) thing that happened since the fire alarm interrupted double maths:-

1. Fantastic fun for children and teachers

We’ve included this first, for a reason. Silent headphone parties in schools are seriously fun! Imagine walking into a school sports hall, full of pupils and staff. Mr Smith is throwing shapes to Calvin Harris, the girls are all dancing away to Taylor Swift, and the boys are all trying their best to look ‘cool’ whilst listening to Drake. Welcome to the world of silent disco! With a choice of three different audio channels, you have the ability to cater to several different ages and groups, all at the same time!

2. They are quiet (kind of!)

The last thing a Headteacher wants to do is upset the neighbours. “Silent disco” the clue is in the name! Unlike a conventional disco using a PA speaker system, silent discos are pretty quiet, (well, aside from people having a great time and singing along). Because the music is only audible in the wireless headphones, silent parties are very neighbour friendly. No speakers, no noise, no fuss.

3. Safe activity

Everyone wants to have a great time. It is important, especially at an event with young people, that teachers and guardians can supervise effectively. Whereas a conventional party with loud music could lead to distraction. Silent disco means responsible adults can keep an eye on proceedings with ease, and make sure that everyone is having a good time. And the good news for kids is, unlike in class, teachers can be seen, but not heard.

Silent Disco for Schools & Children's Parties - Hire Headphones

4. The equipment is easy to set up

Silent disco can be set up anywhere. Literally, anywhere. A hall, gym or any decent sized room provides the perfect venue for a school silent disco. Or take the fun outside and have an end of term summer party in the playground! With a 100 metre wireless range the party is only limited by your imagination. You can hire one of our expert DJ’s for the party, who’ll manage the event from start to finish, including setting up, managing the music and even packing away at the end (boo!). Or if you prefer you can rent one of our equipment kits and manage the event yourself.  Open the courier delivered box, follow the quick and easy setup guide, put your wireless headphones on and you’ve got yourself a serious party!

5. Inclusive for everyone

Nobody wants to feel left out. With silent disco you have the option to please everyone and can hold a party that includes all! Whatever the ‘cool’ kids are listening to nowadays, you can cater to a range of musical tastes, making sure that everyone enjoys the music. Our DJ’s are experts in reading a crowd, and playing all the hits, whatever the age of audience. If Ariana Grande is not your thing, just change to a different channel!

6. Awesome PTA school disco events

If you are holding a PTA fund raiser, reward day or school leavers party, you want two things. The first is to make sure people show up. The second (and most important) is that people have an amazing time. With silent disco both are pretty much guaranteed! A range of channels and tunes that appeal to adults and kids alike, what could be better? Disclaimer: We’ll take no responsibility whatsoever for horrendous and embarrassing ‘dad-dancing’ or Mr Jones attempting to sing along to ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’.

Silent Disco, Loud Memories.

Silent disco is dynamic, easy and fun. Due to it’s versatility, having a good time comes as part of the package. Here are some ideas to make your schools headphone party one that will be remembered, for years to come:-

1. Battle of the teachers

Aside from being able to control the volume, our headphones have a three channel selector switch and glow with coloured LED lights, letting everyone else see what you are listening to. By using playlists on different audio devices, you have the opportunity to become a DJ! Why not combine all of these features to get a DJ battle going? Let’s see if Ms McLaughlin from music REALLY knows about good music? Or will the science teacher Mr Hughes show that he’s really a secret Avicii?

2. Sing like no one is listening

Ever listened to people singing their heart out, whilst they have headphones on? Our DJ’s have. And its hilarious! Silent disco is often as much fun with the headsets off as it is with them on. The music can only be heard when the headphones are on, meaning you can hear everything else with them off! Why not give out a prize for the best singer!

3. Have a playlist contest

If you choose to, you can have complete control over the music. The fun with silent disco does not have to start at the event itself. Run a school competition to come up with a playlist, in fact, you can have three playlists! Being able to choose up to three different channels means there’s loads of scope to include something for everyone.

4. Musical statues

Having three channels opens up a world of possibilities. Coloured lights on the side of the headphones glow and let you see what channel your friends are listening to. Why not add to the enjoyment by making some fun rules. An example? When the music stops, you have to freeze in position. But this only applies to one channel at a time! Statues stood in the middle of the dance floor, whilst everyone else is bopping around them? Sounds bizarre? It is! And pretty hilarious too!

5. Take a break

If you’ve been dancing too hard, it’s nice to take a break. With silent disco, ‘fear of missing’ out isn’t something you need to worry about. With a conventional party you would need to leave the room if you wanted to ‘chill’ for a minute. Silent disco is unique. To have a bit of quiet time all you need to do is take the headphones off!  You can stop and have a chat, without leaving the room. Meaning nobody misses a single moment.

Hire a Silent Disco Headphone Package

One box, a world of fun. What are you waiting for? Our Silent disco company is one of the biggest and most successful in the U.K. We have the expertise and experience to make your school event absolutely unforgettable.  Our lightweight headphones are fully adjustable, comfortable and offer exceptional sound quality. We can securely deliver our silent disco equipment to any school in the U.K.

If you would prefer to hire one of our professional DJ packages we can manage your event from start to finish!

If you would like to know more contact us and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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