The 12 Best Birthday Party Theme Ideas for 2024

Are you planning a big party and looking for party theme ideas, theme night ideas or fancy dress birthday ideas? Everybody loves to have fun at a party, so what better way to bring your celebration to life than having a themed party and getting your friends and family to dress up!

Whether you want to keep it fairly conventional and go for a decades theme night, or go all in for a complete ‘mash up’, we are going to take a look at some ideas that are fun, and get even better when you are wearing a pair of our LED silent disco headphones.

1. 60’s theme party

The birthplace of modern music (and maybe even your Grandad). We say silent disco is all inclusive and we mean it. Polish your ‘mojo’, dig out your crushed velvet suit, or start trying to figure out where you can buy flares. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Doors… If that’s all a bit too old for everyone, just dedicate a channel to something that will keep the kids happy… And tell them not to be so ‘square’.

2. 70’s theme party

Maybe you are a bit of a ‘blondie’ fan? Or the complete opposite end of the spectrum and want to harness your inner Gene Simmons? Well, with silent party equipment you can have both! Flip the switch on the disco headphones and you can be a new romantic at heart whilst looking like the lead singer of Kiss. Sounds crazy? That’s because it is. Whoever you choose to turn up as, we have no doubt that you will rock it man! (‘Rocket man’… Oh Elton, do catch up darling!).

70s theme party ideas & 70s silent disco birthday ideas

3. 80’s disco theme party

The 80’s! Don’t dream it’s over! We are adamant (get it? Adam-Ant) that an 80’s disco theme party will have you up dancing ‘all night long (all night)’… Dubious 80’s song puns aside, there’s so much music crammed into this decade it’s hard to know where to start. Three channels, yet so many possibilities! ‘Jump’ with Van Halen or ‘walk like an Egyptian’, one thing we know for a fact, if you host a silent headphone disco, you’ll struggle to ‘beat it’. You won’t need to be ‘too shy’ but you may need to be careful of a ‘careless whisper’ as with the headphones off it can be pretty quiet. Oh and don’t forget to bring your huge shoulder-pads and massive mobile phone.

80s theme party ideas & 80s silent disco birthday ideas

4. 90’s theme party

We’ll tell you what you want (what you really, really want); The best of the 90’s available at the flick of a switch. Whether you are a more of a ‘Sporty Spice’ or perhaps just a little bit ‘posh’ choose your channel and enjoy. The lad’s don’t need to worry either, a North vs South indie night might be in order. Did you know Oasis and Blur released over 342 songs over the course of their career? With that many tracks, the hardest thing about your night will be choosing what to have on the playlist! For those who aren’t into the indie scene, why not bang on some Prodigy and they can all have a silent rave?

Maybe you don’t want to be confined to one single era or style, half the fun of a silent party is that you can choose several different styles or mix and match. If you are stuck for silent party ideas, why not go for…

90s theme party ideas & 90s silent disco birthday ideas

5. A night on the beach

Holidays may have been a bit scarce recently, but with a Hawaiian theme party, you’ve got the “three S’s” there ready to go… Shorts, silly dancing and silent headphones (what did you think we meant?). Why not dedicate a channel or two to holiday classics? ‘Hula’ or ‘Macarena’? It’s your choice. Prizes awarded for the best (worst) tropical shirt and palest legs.

6. Hollywood glam

Hugh Hefner might not be around any longer, but his legacy can live on at your party. Think about it, what’s more fun than a silent party? Easy, a silent headphone party where you can turn up in a pair of silk pyjamas! A playboy mansion themed party might be just the ticket. The ladies have the perfect excuse to get as glammed up as possible too, Playboy Bunnies and Hollywood Hunks… What do you mean, my velvet dressing gown doesn’t match with your dress?

7. A night of Rock

This is one of our absolute favourites, there are so many possibilities to make your silent party sing. Ripped jeans, questionable hair styles, the memories made at a Rock star’s party will remain bright and vivid for a long time (unlike a rock star’s tattoo’s). With the ability to have up to three different streams of music you can make each and every guest feel like an international rock star. You could go punk vs classic, metal vs grunge, or even Transatlantic in a battle between the USA and UK (we all know the UK produces the best rock stars… on your bike Bon Jovi, Freddie Mercury and Queen are streaming on the red channel).

Rock stars theme party ideas & rock silent disco birthday ideas

8. Army themed Party

Whilst a military theme might be entirely green, if you’ve got the music right, the lights on our silent headphones will ensure that the dance floor won’t be. Regardless of whether you want to remain camouflaged and chill in the background, or go for an all out musical bombardment silent disco gives you the option to do both.

9. A Mexican theme party

Whilst silent party headphones are adjustable to pretty much any head shape, we aren’t quite sure if they will fit over a sombrero. That said if you go for a Mexican theme, what you can be sure of is ‘Juan’ of the best parties of your life. Some Mexican food, a channel devoted to some Mariachi music… and maybe a few cheeky shots of tequila should set the mood off nicely. Just be careful when talking about moustaches (without the headphones on everyone can hear you, and yes that does include Jackie).

10. Spooky Halloween theme

Dracula might not like mirrors, but who doesn’t love a shiny disco ball? Whilst you can have an absolute scream at a headphone party there’s absolutely no need to shout. If your werewolf costume is leaving you all hot and bothered, or you feel like a zombie after partying your socks off, its easy to take the headphones off and have a five minute break. We’d like to make a little disclaimer, when you’re at a silent party, time really does fly when you are having fun, so if you DO decide to dress up as a vampire don’t blame us if you’ve partied so hard that the sun has started to come up.

halloween theme party ideas & halloween ideas

11. A night in the Wild Wild West

It’s not often you get a chance to go wild. If country music is really your thing or you want to watch a crowd line dancing whilst you covertly listen to some modern day hits, a wild west silent disco party may be the event for you. Introduce some Western style games and have an impromptu water pistol fight (mind the headphones) whenever ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ comes on,  or have a different channel for a Cowboys and Indians dance off… (Our money is on the Indians, silent party headphones go really well with a feather headdress).

12. Neon/UV party

Speaking of warpaint, whilst silent parties are generally pretty quiet, visually, our silent party equipment can look pretty loud. With LED lights indicating what people are listening to, the room is filled with colour. Why not go a step further and get some UV lights going? There’ll be red, blue and green, not to mention a sea of white beaming smiles. Perhaps combine this with one of our other ideas? The 80’s was full of neon, imagine what that would be like under a UV light? Holding a Hawaiian theme party? Get those shirts and tans shining!

Neon / UV theme party ideas & birthday

Host a silent disco party

If you have ever been to a silent headphone party you’ll already know how much fun they can be. The ability to choose three different playlists, have a great laugh, and even stop for some quiet time, without leaving the room, are all good reasons to book and throw a silent disco headphone party.

Fun aside there are many additional benefits in hiring a silent disco. For those of you who are used to going to big club nights, you will be familiar with the concept of different rooms offering a different party theme and styles of music. The beauty of silent disco is you can combine the best elements of this concept, all in one room. Rent our equipment and you can play 3 channels of different music at once. If having a fancy dress theme why not match up the music to the theme, think 90s pop stars or 80s rock legends.

Theme night ideas for fancy dress birthday party

To recap, here are our top 12 birthday party theme ideas:

  1. 60’s theme party
  2. 70’s theme party
  3. 80’s disco
  4. 90’s party
  5. A night on the beach
  6. Hollywood glam
  7. Rockstar’s
  8. Army themed Party
  9. Mexican themed Party
  10. Spooky Halloween
  11. Wild Wild West
  12. Neon / UV party

Hire a silent disco package today

With years of experience in ensuring that people have a great time, we lead the way in providing silent disco hire and headphone rental packages for a range of events including parties, birthdays, weddings, schools and children’s parties. If you want to discuss any of the ideas above feel free to contact us. We can hire silent disco equipment, lighting and even a DJ as part of the package. With silent disco hire prices from just £90, start planning your next fancy dress themed party!

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