How to Set Up Silent Disco Headphones

How does a silent disco work? How to connect silent disco headphones?

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Silent Disco Setup - Watch our YouTube video ↓

Wondering how to set up silent disco equipment for your next event? Look no further! Our YouTube video below provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to help you get started.

How our Silent Disco Headphones Work

With every hire package, we provide all the necessary equipment to host an unforgettable silent disco, including:

  • LED 3 Channel Headphones
  • 3 x Radio Transmitters
  • Audio Cables & Power Plugs
  • Free Lightning & USB-C Phone Adapters
  • Free Spotify Playlists

Operating the equipment is simple:

  1. Connect each radio transmitter to an audio device using the provided cables.
  2. Play three different channels or music playlists simultaneously by connecting each transmitter to a separate audio device such as phones, laptops, MP3 players, tablets, or DJ equipment.

For Apple or iOS devices without a headphone out socket, we provide free lightning and USB-C adapter cables for seamless connectivity.

Organise your music on each audio device using platforms like iTunes, YouTube, or streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music. Enjoy our extensive library of dance floor-ready Spotify playlists at no extra cost. 

Switching between the three channels on the headphones is effortless – simply press a button to instantly skip to the next live channel. Our headphones and transmitters connect wirelessly over their own radio frequencies, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi. Additionally, all headphones are sent fully charged and offer approximately 8 hours of use.

With our comprehensive equipment package, hosting a silent disco has never been easier or more fun!

How to Connect the Silent Disco Headphones

Its Easy as A-B-C

How to adjust silent disco headphones

A – Turn on headphones & change channel

Press the ‘TUNE/ON/OFF’ button for 2 seconds and the headphones will turn on, with a red power light . To change channel tap the ‘TUNE/ON/OFF’ button and the headphones will instantly switch to the next live channel.

How to connect silent disco headphones

B – Adjust the headphone volume

To adjust the volume, swivel the ‘VOL+ VOL–’ toggle up & down. Ensure the volume is balanced on all audio devices being used so the volume is consistent when changing between different headphone audio channels.

Silent Disco headphone & Equipment Hire

C -Change headphone light settings

There are 3 headphone colours which glow in red, green & blue to indicate which transmitter they are receiving music from. The light settings can be adjusted by holding in the ‘VOL+  VOL–‘ button down for 3 seconds to rotate.

How to Set Up the Silent Disco Transmitters

Its Easy as A-B-C

How to turn on the silent disco transmitters

A – Turn on power for the transmitter

Plug a power cable into the bottom ‘DC12V’ power input hole on the back of the transmitter. Once the power is connected a blue light will be visible on the front of the transmitter.

How to connect silent disco transmitters & cable

B – Connect cable from audio device to transmitter

Plug in a cable between the ‘AUDIO INPUT’ hole of the transmitter and the headphone socket of your audio device. Apple Lightning & USB-C adapter cables are included for devices with no headphone  socket.

C – You are now Ready for a Silent Disco!

Each transmitter has a red, green or blue sticker to indicate which channel of music they are controlling. Each headphone will light up in red, green or blue to indicate which transmitter they are receiving music from.

Silent Disco Tips

To ensure your silent disco event is a huge success, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Access Our Spotify Playlists: Take advantage of our extensive collection of Spotify silent disco playlists, which are available for FREE. This saves you time and effort in curating your own music selection.

  2. Practice Setup: Before the event, practice setting up the equipment, turning on the headphones, changing between the three channels, and adjusting the volume. This ensures a smooth experience during the actual event.

  3. Download Music: If you’re using streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, or Amazon Music, download all playlists in advance to avoid issues with live streaming, Wi-Fi connectivity, and potential loss of audio during the event. Consider using airplane mode to prevent Spotify from blocking live streaming on multiple devices simultaneously.

  4. Diversify Music Genres: With three channels available, offer a variety of music styles to cater to different preferences. Create different playlists for each channel, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

  5. Automatic Power Off: The headphones automatically power off after 10 minutes of no audio signal. You don’t need to manually turn them off at the end of the event, saving you time and hassle.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to host an unforgettable silent disco experience for your guests!

Party Lighting Package - £80 Hire Fee

The complete disco lighting package with 3 lights and a smoke machine. This provides a full club lighting effect with lasers, strobes, UV, uplighting and beam wash effects. The package includes:-

  • 2 x QTX Pentaflash: 5-in-1 LED & Laser
  • 1 x Equinox Eclipse LED Par Can
  • 1 x Equinox Fog / Smoke Machine

£80 rental fee – when added to any silent disco hire package.

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