How To Set Up Silent Disco Kit

Equipment Setup Guide - How Our Silent Disco Headphones & Transmitters Work.

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How Our Silent Disco Equipment Works

With every equipment hire order, all the kit required to host a silent disco is delivered in a box, including;

  • LED Headphones
  • 3 Radio Transmitters
  • Power Plugs
  • Audio Cables
  • User Instructions

To operate the silent disco equipment simply connect a radio transmitter to any audio device, via the headphone out socket, with the supplied audio cables. You can play 3 music playlists simultaneously by connecting each of the 3 transmitters to any 3 different audio devices of your choice. These can include phones, laptops, mp3 players, tablets and DJ equipment. Please note you will need your own Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter for new phones with no headphone socket. 

To change between the 3 channels on the headphones you press a button to instantly skip to the next live channel. The headphones and transmitters connect to each other wirelessly over their own radio frequencies, so no WIFI is needed. All headphones are sent fully charged and last for around 8 hours of use.

How to Connect Silent Disco Headphones

Its Easy as A-B-C

How to turn on silent disco headphones

A – Turn on headphones & change channel

Press the ‘TUNE/ON/OFF’ button for 2 seconds & the headphones will instantly turn on with a red power light. To change channel tap the ‘TUNE/ON/OFF’ button & the headphones will automatically switch to the next live audio channel.

How to the adjust the silent disco headphone Volume

B – Adjust the headphone volume

To adjust the volume, swivel the ‘VOL+ VOL–’ toggle up & down. Ensure the volume is balanced on all audio devices being used so the volume is consistent when changing between different headphone audio channels.

Silent Disco headphone & Equipment Hire

C -Change headphone light settings

There are 3 headphone colours which glow in red, green & blue to indicate which transmitter they are receiving music from. The LED ring light settings can be adjusted by holding in the ‘VOL+  VOL–‘ button for 3 seconds to rotate.

How to Setup Silent Disco Transmitters

Its Easy as A-B-C

How to turn on the silent disco transmitters

A – Turn on power for the transmitter

Plug a power cable into the bottom ‘DC12V’ power input socket on the back of each transmitter.

How to connect silent disco transmitters & cable

B – Connect cables from audio device to transmitters

Plug a 3.5mm jack cable into the ‘Audio Input’ hole on the back. Connect the other end into the headphone socket of your audio device.

Silent disco headphones & equipment setup

C – You are now Ready for a Silent Disco!

There is a red, green or blue sticker on each transmitter to indicate the channel of music they are controlling on the headphones.

Silent Disco Tips

Once the above steps have been completed, and your audio devices are ready, it’s time to start your silent disco!

To host an amazing headphone party, you will need the best silent disco songs ever! We offer FREE access to our large collection of Spotify silent disco playlists. This will save lots of time in organising your own music.

  1. Have a practice before the event to ensure you know how to setup the equipment, turn the headphones on, change between the three channels and adjust the volume.
  2. If using streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify or Amazon Music, download all playlists in advance to avoid any issues with live streaming, WIFI and loss of audio during your event. If need be use airplane mode to prevent Spotify from blocking off live streaming on several devices at once.

  3. With three channels at your disposal, you can play a variety of music styles. Have different genres and silent disco playlists on each channel so there is something for everyone!
  4. The headphones will automatically power off after 10 minutes of no audio signal, so you do not need to manually turn them all off at the end!

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