Silent Disco Wedding Equipment Hire & DJ Packages

Silent Disco Headphone Hire for Weddings

Looking for unique wedding entertainment ideas? How do you cater for friends and family of all ages plus your own taste in music? Have a silent disco wedding reception!

With 3 channels of simultaneous music you can play something different for everyone, ensuring a packed dance floor all evening.

Hire our silent headphones and have a silent disco at your wedding. The equipment is quick to setup and can be delivered to any UK address. We stock the latest LED headphones, which connect wirelessly to transmitters, allowing each user to instantly switch between 3 music channels.

We also offer full silent disco wedding DJ packages. Our professional DJ will arrive and setup at your venue with equipment and lighting to perform a 3 channel DJ set of the best silent disco songs ever! We can even provide a split silent disco with PA system to DJ out loud early on, followed by a silent disco later in the evening to finish off your wedding celebrations in style!

If you haven’t already, take a look at our article on the top 10 reasons to hire a silent disco wedding for even more reasons to get excited.

3 Channel Silent Headphone Hire from £95

Rent Silent Disco Equipment for a Wedding

We are one of the UK’s biggest silent disco companies supplying headphone hire and 3 channel silent wedding DJ packages. Our amazing headphones are easy to use, quick to setup and can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

Silent Disco Kit Rental

  • Courier delivery to any UK address

  • 3 channels of simultaneous music

  • LED headphones flash to the beat

  • Volume & channel switch buttons

  • Amazing sound quality

  • USB rechargeable - no batteries used

  • Quick & easy to set up

  • Free access to our Spotify playlists

Silent Disco Wedding DJ Package

  • professional DJs to Run Wedding

  • DJs over 3 Channels of Music

  • Huge Library of Music

  • PA to DJ out loud as normal

  • Lighting & DJ Booth Provided

  • DJs from Hundreds of Weddings

  • Setup & Pack Away All Done For You

  • Relax, Let Our DJ Do All The Work

  • Fun & Unique Experience

    There is nothing like watching your guests singing & dancing to different styles of music all at the same time. Silent disco weddings ensure lots of fun and will have your guests laughing all evening!
  • Huge Variety in Music

    Silent discos weddings allow you to have multiple playlists over 3 different channels, creating unrivalled variety in the music played. This keeps guests of different ages entertained and will ensure the dance floor is packed!
  • You Can Still Play Music Out Loud

    The silent disco can still be used in combination with normal speakers. We offer split silent disco DJ packages with a full PA system to DJ out loud early on, followed by a silent disco to finish off any wedding in style!
  • No Need to SHOUT!

    There is no need to leave the room for pleasant conversation and socialising with family - simply take off your headphones & chat away at seating areas or on the dance floor. Perfect for older guests!
  • No Time or Noise Restrictions

    With no amplified music and bass, silent discos are the best solution for bypassing licensing issues at wedding venues with tight noise restrictions. For after hours parties, silent discos are perfect for partying late into the night!

LED Silent Disco Headphone Rental Prices