Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Silent Disco Wedding

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Silent Disco Wedding

When you hire silent disco headphones and equipment as part of the wedding reception entertainment, its guaranteed to be an incredibly fun evening for you guests. Having performed as DJ’s, and rented equipment at hundreds of weddings around the UK, here are our top 10 reasons why you should hire a silent disco for your wedding day entertainment.

1. Silent disco weddings are a lot of fun!

There is nothing like watching your guests singing and dancing to different styles of music all at the same time. If you have ever been to one before you will know they are anything but silent! With 3 channels of music played, wireless party headphones are guaranteed to get your guests up singing, dancing and laughing all evening, whatever their tastes in music!

2. Play a wide variety of music over 3 channels

Every wedding has guests of all ages and musical tastes. Rent a silent disco and you can play 3 channels of simultaneous music at once! This allows for incredible variety in the music played and ensures you cater to everyone’s tastes. A specialist wedding DJ can play 3 different genres of music to keep your dance floor packed all night long. You could even create your own bride vs groom Spotify playlists, let the DJ battle commence!

Hire Silent Disco Wedding reception entertainment

3. You can still have music played out loud

Our most popular wedding package is a split using a full PA system to DJ out loud early on followed by a silent disco later in the evening to finish the wedding celebrations off in style!

4. Headphone distance range

The headsets can transmit music wirelessly up to 100 metres away. Guests can listen and dance to music while they walk around the venue, visit other rooms or socialise outside. This is perfect for marquees and weddings during the summer, when guests love to socialise in the sun.

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5. No noise and time restrictions

With no noise pollution you can party on until the early hours of the morning without disturbing neighbours. A DJ and full PA system can still be used earlier on in the evening, however finishing your wedding with a silent disco means there is no time limit. This is perfect for marquees in particular where amplified music will travel long distances with no walls acting as sound barriers.

6. Location, location, location

You can hold one anytime, anywhere.. With no loud music being amplified, the only limit on the location is your imagination! Our equipment has been used on beaches, courtyards, forests, camp sites and glamping venues.

Silent disco wedding hire with LED headphones over 3 channels of music

7. No need to SHOUT!

There is no need to leave the room for some quiet or conversation during – simply remove your headphones and chat away on the dance floor. This is perfect for young children and grandparents attending a wedding.

8. It can save you money

DJs, bands and wedding entertainment can quickly become very expensive however we offer headphone hire packages from only £90. This can be a great way to save some of your wedding entertainment budget, while still guaranteeing guests a lot of fun!

Silent Disco Hire for Children's Parties - Rent Headphones & Book DJ for Kids Party

9. Silent disco headphones are easy to use

The equipment is quick to set up and easy to use for guests of all ages, with a channel change and volume adjust button. With 3 channels of simultaneous music guests can simply switch to another channel at the flick of a button. Our headsets are all adjustable in size to fit both adults and children.

10. Family bonding

With traditional wedding DJs it can be hard to cater to everyone’s musical tastes, however a silent disco is guaranteed to get everybody up, dancing and singing along, bringing your guests and families together for a night they will never forget!

Hire a Silent Disco Wedding Package

We are one of the UK’s biggest silent disco companies supplying headphone kit rental and 3 channel wedding hire packages.

Our amazing headphones are easy to use, quick to set up, and can be delivered anywhere in the UK. We can provide a professional DJ package to cover your full evenings entertainment with our highly experienced weddings DJs.

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