Why a Silent Disco Hen Party is So Much Fun!

Why a Silent Disco Hen Party is So Much Fun!

Bring the nightclub to you with silent headphone hire

Hen dos are big business in the UK, with the average hen party now costing nearly £2k*. But it can seem impossible to find the perfect hen party activities – especially ones that haven’t already been done to death! You need an original activity that fits your crowd AND your budget.

Looking for hen party ideas?

One of the biggest challenges is finding an activity that your whole group will enjoy. Is that pole dancing class really going to suit the bride-to-be’s wild friend from uni AND her step-mum-to-be? Is that cupcake decorating lesson going to hold the attention of the whole group for more than 10 minutes? There’s a real threat of hen-do fatigue setting in. I mean, how many times can you really go life drawing and still find it awkwardly hilarious?

And now you’ve got the added challenge of Covid-19, leaving you nervous about booking into nightclubs. We’re expecting a big rise in birthday and hen parties at home – either in rental party houses or at one of the hen’s own homes – so how can you bring the party to you?

Silent Disco Headphone Hire & DJs for Weddings, Parties, Schools & Events

Silence! At the Disco

How about a silent disco hen party? If you’re not familiar with the concept, silent discos use transmitters and radio frequencies to broadcast music wirelessly to headphones – they have been BIG at weddings and on the festival scene over the past couple of years. Each hen will receive a set of flashing LED silent headphones, with three music channels to choose from.

The beauty of this is that you can choose playlists to suit ALL your hens and get the whole party up and dancing. A silent disco hen party is a perfect ice breaker! Plus, you don’t need to worry about noise complaints from the neighbours – well, not from the music anyway.

It’s all about the music…

A silent disco hen party is a great way to get your hens involved before they arrive. Why not ask each hen to provide a couple of songs for each playlist? We suggest setting playlist themes, such as: Golden Oldies, Cheesy Tunes, 90s Garage or Hot Right Now – that way, you’re guaranteed to have songs to suit everyone! Does your bride-to-be have a favourite genre or artist? Make sure to include these too!

If you’re looking for a totally effortless solution, our Silent Disco DJ Package is an excellent option. One of our specialist DJs will arrive equipped with silent disco headphones, lighting, DJ booth and a 3 channel DJ set – you won’t have to lift a finger! A full nightclub experience without leaving the house. 

Timing is everything

Our silent headphones can be used absolutely anywhere – from living rooms to campsites! But when is the optimum moment to get the silent disco hen party started?

  1. Ice breaker: hand out headsets as your guests arrive and get them straight into the party mood. This is a great time to incorporate some hen do games (see our suggestion below!). The humour of watching each other dancing to completely different tracks has a way of helping people relax. It’s guaranteed to get your whole group mingling in record time.
  2. Pre-drinks: if you’re hitting a club in the evening, a silent disco is a perfect pre-drinks activity! Give the hens a chance to practice their dance moves with a cocktail in hand.  
  3. The main event: a silent disco is a great alternative to a nightclub. Party in the comfort of the house and save the hassle of booking taxis and queuing up at the bar! Book our Silent Disco DJ Package for the full club experience.  

Game on!

And it’s not a hen do without some games, right? One of our favourite hen party games to play with our silent headphones is ‘Act It Out’. Split your group into two and have one group act out the actions to the song they are hearing (make sure they are all tuned into the same channel!). The other group has 30 seconds to guess the tune. Top points for choosing songs guaranteed to have hilarious actions! Some of our favourites are:

  • ‘My Humps’ by Black Eyed Peas (“You love my lady lumps”)
  • ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen (“Sends shivers down my spine/ Body’s aching all the time”)
  • ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler (“Every now and then I get a little bit terrified / And then I see the look in your eyes”)
  • ‘Bootylicious’ by Destiny’s Child (“You gotta work yo jelly”)

Relax – a stress free option

By choosing a silent disco hen party, you’re choosing a totally stress-free option. We will deliver everything you need to any address in the UK. If you are going away to rental accommodation for the weekend you can take our equipment with you.

Your silent headphone hire package will include:

  • Wireless headsets – with LED lights that flash to the beat
  • Three transmitters to connect your devices to (e.g. phone, tablet or laptop)
  • Set up instructions
  • Cables and power plugs
  • Plus, we are on hand 24/7 via our helpline for any questions
Silent Disco Headphone Hire for parties and events

Our guide to organising the perfect silent disco hen party:

  1. Message us today for pricing and availability
  2. Share our information with your hens and get your booking confirmed
  3. Work on your 3 party-perfect playlists – ask the hens to get involved!
  4. On the day, use our easy-to-follow set up instructions to connect your playback devices (e.g. phone, laptop or tablet) to our headphone transmitters
  5. Dance and sing the night away!
  6. Pop the equipment back in the box ready for us to collect

A silent disco hen party will be the best addition to your hen do agenda. It’s an activity that your whole party will enjoy – wherever you are! Get in touch today to get your silent disco hen party sorted!

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