6 ‘Nights Out’ You Can Do At Home

6 ‘Nights Out’ You Can Do At Home

People are looking ahead to events in the future and how to create COVID19 friendly events as safely as possible. One of the leading ways people plan to reduce risk is by moving events outside, but where they can’t people are finding ways to maintain social distance in larger spaces, or just having to keep events small. 

There’s a wider range of choice when it comes to COVID19 friendly events, and here are 6 ideas for fun events at home during a pandemic.   

Have a silent disco at home

If you’re looking for a larger COVID friendly event, silent disco hire gives you the feel of a real music event whilst maintaining social distance, and without the noise complaints. This can mean holding an outside event in your garden without annoying the neighbours or finding a large enough space that you can maintain distance. 

Silent disco hire is more affordable than a professional DJ or band, and you have the additional benefit of multiple channels, so you can run three different music channels for all ages.

Hire silent disco headphones and have a silent disco at home

Virtual pub quiz

You can download the questions online, pick a quiz master and hold a pub quiz by video call without going to the pub (but probably with the drinks!)

Games nights

If you’re looking for a long-distance games night, you don’t need to fall back on the arguments of monopoly spread out across the country. There are loads of games night options you can play by video call using technology. 

Murder mystery night

A night in for your social bubble, murder mystery fans or just fancy-dress fans can enjoy a fictional murder at home.  DIY home box sets can cost as little as a fiver and go up to 8 people. Everyone gets a character which they have to dress up as, and mixed with some cocktails this can be a quirky night in for your bubble. 

Silent cinema

Cinema’s might not be for everyone at the moment and sitting in a car for a drive through might not give you much choice. Projectors and white screens are affordable and as nights get darker you can get everyone to bring their own chair and space out to enjoy the film of your choice outside. 

For sound you can rent the same equipment you would for a silent disco and everyone gets a high quality sound experience that equals the feel of the cinema. The fact that you can use multiple channels means you could even get a couple of films on the go at the same time, to make sure everyone enjoys the silent cinema.

Web chat dinner party

Everyone gets the same recipe and cooks it all ready to go, and you set up a screen each at the dinner table and enjoy the feel of a dinner party long distance.

The tricky part might be making sure everyone’s food is ready at the same time! But maybe using slow cooker recipes or having a cold menu might make the process easier and you get to see just how good everyone is in the kitchen (without having to eat their efforts!)

Hire Our Silent Disco Party Headphones

A pandemic might well have triggered this new way of looking at events, but it gives you the opportunity to use your creativity for truly unique COVID19 friendly events and find much more affordable ways to have fun.

We are one of the UK’s biggest silent disco companies supplying 3 channel LED headphone kit hire for house and garden parties at home.

Our amazing silent disco equipment is easy to use, quick to set up, and can be delivered anywhere in the UK. With rental prices from just £90 for 10 headphones and 3 transmitters, contact us and start planning your silent disco party!

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