Outdoor Event Ideas When Everyone Heads Outdoors This Summer

Events Evolve As Everyone Heads Outdoors This Summer

As everyone settles in to ‘the new normal’ following the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, people are coming to the logical conclusion that instead of waiting for the pandemic to end, we might be in for a longer journey and it’s time to adapt. 

New ways to shop, new ways to keep in touch and new ways to have fun.

When it comes to having fun, it seems as though a lot of people are heading outside.  Gatherings are set to be smaller for a while, but now and for the future, people are moving to where the high amount of dilution from fresh air minimises the risk significantly.

Outdoor Event Ideas

We carried out a small survey and found that meeting up outdoors is one of the two leading ways that people are reducing risk, alongside using anti-bacterial gel, and that when it comes to holding events in the future they’re more likely to hold events outside than inside.

Holding events outdoors in the UK holds some challenges but these are overcome with the right equipment and some creative thinking. Nearly half of our surveyed group said they were interested in finding new and interesting ways to hold events while following government laws and NHS guidance, but nearly a third listed noise as one of their key concerns when holding an outdoor event (alongside the British weather!)

Have a Silent Disco Outside

Alternative forms of entertainment such as silent discos are on the rise, and with everyone increasingly tech savvy with music streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon Music, hosting a headphone party yourself is no longer difficult. Alternatively, you could hire a silent DJ. Wireless party headphones that reach up to 100 metres means that you can use a larger space; maintaining social distancing while avoiding noise pollution.

Silent disco hire for garden parties outside

Silent Cinema

Another potential use for the same technology is silent cinema. Drive-in cinemas are on the rise and starting to take off around the UK. Holding film nights at home with chairs spaced out and renting silent headphones is another way that you can hold a cinema event in the future.

When looking at the entertainment people might use in the future the most popular option in our survey was a silent disco. It seems as though with noise complaints as a key listed concern, that people need to start thinking out of the box when it comes to holding parties and music events in the future. Even when restrictions lessen, social distancing is set to be a concern for months or years to come and we’ve already seen the start of a rise in interest for bookings in 2021 and beyond.

Hire a Silent Disco

Open gazebos, inflatable pubs and bars, outdoor heaters, hog roasts and BBQs, outside kids parties, weddings or even corporate events – whatever the space and occasion, wireless silent disco equipment allows you complete control of what music or sound you want to project. 

We’re one of the UK’s leading silent disco companies delivering wireless radio transmitter technology and headphone hire packages across the UK. If you’d like more information on hosting a silent disco and how simple it can be, contact us today.

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