The 5 Work Party Ideas You Need to Know About

The 5 Work Party Ideas You Need to Know About

The Hunt for Standout Work Party Ideas

Whether you’re planning a team building event, conference or office Christmas party, there’s one element that is guaranteed to stick in everyone’s minds. Your corporate event entertainment can completely make or break your celebration. It’s such an integral part of your event, and it needs some real thought behind it.

A Winning Formula

As you look into work party ideas and corporate entertainment, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it reflect your brand and values?
  • Will it suit your entire audience demographic?
  • Does it work well within your venue?
  • And, of course – does it fit in your budget?

The trend for technology in event entertainment is here to stay, but you also need to make it bespoke to your brand. Most corporate event entertainment ideas include options for branding – whether it be vinyl decals on headphones, a bespoke cocktail featuring one of your products, or a reference to your company added into a song – just make it personal!

Chose interactive options and you’re guaranteed to get maximum audience engagement.

The hottest work party ideas for your next event:

1. #saycheese: Social Media Photo Booths

The old classic has had a revamp. Corporate groups are shunning traditional print outs and opting for booths that upload photos directly to social media. Gain hundreds (even thousands!) of organic social media impressions as guests share their photos complete with your company logo and chosen hashtag. Ramp it up a notch further and choose a GIF-generator booth.

2. Living in a Virtual World: Augmented Reality

It’s been around a while, but augmented reality is still one of the most sought-after trends in corporate entertainment. Used right and it can be a real game changer. One of the best uses we’ve seen is holographic projections – who remembers the Tupac hologram at Coachella? If not, Google it! It’s a high budget option but your audience will be totally wowed watching a 3D hologram of a famous band, character… or your CEO!

3. DJ, Turn it Up: Silent Disco Hire

Your party just got cooler! If you’re after a work party idea to suit your whole audience, look no further than silent disco headphone hire. Throw on a pair of LED silent wireless headphones and flick between 3 different music playlists to suit your mood! Top tip: take them off during the night and enjoy people lip-syncing to classic ballads, alongside guests silently head-banging to heavy rock.

Silent discos are fabulous entertainment at team building events – split your group into 3 and challenge them to work out the songs the other teams are dancing to!

4. Food for Thought: Interactive Dining

Food is always going to get my vote – add an element of interactivity and you’ve got a recipe for success! I’m talking about ‘Design-your-cocktail’ stations, doughnut walls, ice-cream theatres and edible bubbles… all very Willy Wonka and all deliciously memorable! An absolute must for any office Christmas party.

5. Get Me Out of Here: Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms have enjoyed a huge popularity boost over the past couple of years and they are ideal for a team building event. There are plenty of mobile options now, so you can bring the escape room to your venue or office. Teams are tasked with solving puzzles and clues within a time limit to allow them to escape the room. Team bonding at its finest!

Corporate Entertainment with a Purpose

To recap, here are our top 5 work party ideas:

  1. Social Media Photo Booths
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. Silent Disco Hire
  4. Interactive Dining
  5. Escape Rooms

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired with these unique work party ideas. From team building days to office Christmas parties, make it an event to remember with the right entertainment choice.

What’s our favourite? A silent disco of course – perfect for a range of corporate event ideas and occasions including:

  • Conferences
  • Team Building Events
  • Company Fun Days
  • Staff Reward Days
  • Gala Events
  • After Dinner Entertainment
  • Christmas Parties

Contact us to host your most memorable event yet with silent disco headphone hire and full event DJ Packages both available.

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