The Best Corporate Event Idea You’ll Have

The Best Corporate Event Idea You’ll Have

Event Planners: Read This!

It’s no secret that event planning is a tough job – in fact, it’s the fifth most stressful job in the world (right under Police Officer and Fire Fighter!), according to Forbes. It’s a constant merry-go-round of challenges – from demanding delegate requests, to managing your presenters, to working with tricky venue spaces. It’s no wonder you’re looking for hassle-free hacks to help you run a seamless event.

Event planners are now turning to silent headphones to solve all sorts of event headaches. And it’s no mystery why – silent headphones are flexible, versatile and cost effective. Plus, they’ll make your next event even more memorable! If you’re not familiar with the concept, the wireless silent headphones let you choose between 3 different audio channels, at the flick of a switch.

So, how can you use silent headphones to support your next conference or event? Read on for our top corporate event ideas.

Struggling for Breakout Space?

You need to split your group into smaller breakout sessions, but your venue has limited breakout space. Or if they do have available space – it’s going to cost you! Plus, moving groups around the venue is time consuming. Event planners, we have the ideal solution for you! Silent headphones are a no-brainer corporate event idea.

The 3-channel headphones mean you can split your group into multiple breakout sessions, whilst keeping them in the same room. Each channel will play out a different presenter, ensuring faultless audio for your entire audience. We’ll work with your AV team to get audio feeds directly from your presenters’ mics. You can relax knowing you’ve saved time and money – time to hunt down the coffee station!

Silent disco hire for Corporate Event Idea

Enticing Exhibition Stands

If one of your corporate event ideas is an exhibition area, you’re probably looking for some fresh new ways to make exhibitor stands inviting. One way to gain traction on the stands is to hold mini presentations. But as event planners know, exhibitions are noisy environments and there is nothing more frustrating than having to strain to hear the presenter.

How about setting up a few rows of comfy benches, with silent headphones placed on top? Visitors can drop by, pick up a set of headphones and tune in to the presentation at their convenience – you’ll be giving them a more engaging session with crystal clear audio and minimal noise distractions! An improved experience for your customers, and higher visitor engagement for you.

And Now… Time to Party!

So, you’ve successfully delivered your daytime content and got your business messaging across – where’s that wine! It’s time to relax, network and enjoy some corporate event entertainment. As a seasoned event planner, you’ve tried the usual suspects – musicians, bands, DJs… you’re looking for something different. It’s can be a nightmare trying to source corporate event entertainment to suit your entire audience – a silent disco party solves this.  

If you’re catering for a wide demographic, choose three different playlists and you’ll be sure to get your whole crowd dancing. Better yet, ask your guests to vote for their favourite playlists. For a real party experience, ask us about our DJ Packages. These include a professional DJ, sound system and lighting – a totally hassle-free option for event planners!

Another benefit of hosting a silent disco is you don’t need to worry about noise restrictions. A lot of corporate event venues have strict noise limits for entertainment – particularly in hotels and residential areas. Throw a silent disco and let your guests party all night long!

Have We Convinced You Yet?

Silent headphones are a top corporate event idea for event planners for a range of occasions including:

  • Conferences
  • Team Building Events
  • Company Fun Days
  • Product Launches
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Staff Reward Days
  • Gala Events
  • After Dinner Entertainment
  • Christmas Parties

With our fantastic equipment hire prices, their versatility means you’re getting maximum bang for your buck – plus you’ll be injecting a bit of extra fun throughout the day. Contact us to host your most memorable event yet with silent headphone hire.

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