5 Reasons to Hire a Silent Disco for Your Charity Fundraiser

5 Reasons to Hire a Silent Disco for Your Charity Fundraiser

Whether you’re raising money for a local organisation, you’ve got a target to meet for a sponsored event, or you’d just like to support a cause close to your heart, charity fundraisers are fun and incredibly rewarding. But they can also be hard work at times.

Maybe you’ve had your fundraising page online for a while and donations have slowed down, or you’re just stuck for new ideas for an exciting event. A silent disco might be just the answer you need. Keep reading to find out why.

Silent Disco Event Ideas UK

1- Silent Disco Hire is Affordable

When it comes to raising money for charity, it makes sense to organise an affordable fundraiser so that you can give as much cash as possible to your chosen cause. But some popular charity event ideas can be expensive: skydiving costs several hundred pounds per person and raffles or auctions need an enticing prize to attract participants. Silent disco equipment rental prices start at just £90, with discounts available for charity events, making them an affordable alternative.

2- Silent Discos Events are Flexible

The great thing about silent headphone parties is that you can host them almost anywhere. There’s no need to hire out a specialist venue or find a space that allows amplified music. With minimal noise and easy equipment set-up, the party can take place wherever you want: your home, a village hall, or even the local park.

3- Headphone Parties Appeal to a Wide Audience

Every charity event wants to draw a crowd to raise as much money as possible and silent parties are the perfect solution. With 3 simultaneous music channels as well as the option to play more music out loud, you can cater for everyone. Pop fans, house heads, and rock lovers all boogieing together? It’s possible with a silent disco!

4- Your Silent Disco Fundraiser is Customisable

Perhaps the best thing about silent disco hire is that your event can be as basic or as extravagant as you like. Maybe you’d like to keep things simple and raise money by selling tickets, keeping the music as the main event. Or perhaps you’d like to combine your headphone disco with a charity dinner and more activities. Because of flexibility with location and ease of kit setup, you’re free to tailor the event to your needs. Want to make the party extra special? We offer a full silent DJ service and lighting hire too!

5- Headphone Parties are Interactive

Although watching someone do a 24 hour yoga marathon or a bungee jump is a lot of fun, sometimes friends and family just want to get involved. Not only is a silent disco party a great fundraising idea because lots of people can attend as guests, but you can also get supporters to participate in different ways. Your designer friend might make the tickets, your budding-DJ brother can select the music, and your foodie colleague could whip up some snacks.

Silent Disco Headphone Hire & Equipment Rental

Charity Fundraising Ideas

Whether you’re looking for ideas for a fundraising event that’s big or small, simple or elaborate, silent disco hire is a fun and affordable option. Silent Disco Party UK are one of the country’s biggest headphone party companies and we can deliver the equipment anywhere in the UK. To find out more about hiring our high-quality silent party headphones at a reduced price for your charity event, just get in touch today.

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