16 Fantastic PTA Fundraising Ideas for Schools & Events

The Best PTA Fundraising Ideas for UK Schools

Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) and Parent-Teacher Organisations (PTOs) are the backbone of school communities, spearheading crucial fundraising efforts to bolster educational activities and facilities. While generating fresh and captivating fundraising ideas may be challenging, there is a wealth of proven events that consistently engage donors.

From beloved classics like bake sales and quiz nights to immersive experiences such as silent disco parties and campouts, we invite you to explore these dynamic concepts with us. These ideas promise to invigorate your fundraising efforts and spark the imagination of students, parents, and the wider community.

School Fundraising Event Ideas

Here are some fantastic PTA school fundraising ideas aimed at helping you raise more funds than ever before:

The Great British School Bake Off

With the immense popularity of baking shows like The Great British Bake Off, organising a bake sale can be a fantastic fundraising opportunity. Encourage budding bakers to showcase their skills by contributing homemade treats, which can be sold at fetes, sports events, or parent-teacher conferences. Consider themed bake-offs to add excitement, such as a “cupcake challenge” or “cookie competition,” inviting participants to compete for baking glory. It’s a wonderful way to engage the community and support your cause!

Charity Shopping Fundraising Sites

Websites like easyfundraising.org.uk offer a seamless way to raise funds while shopping online. Parents can sign up and designate their purchases to support the school PTA, with a portion of each transaction going towards the cause. Partnering with major online retailers amplifies the fundraising potential, especially during peak shopping seasons like Christmas and Back-to-School. Encourage supporters to spread the word through social media, email newsletters, and word-of-mouth referrals to maximise participation and donations.

Host a Silent Disco School Party

School’s out.… for a silent disco! Hire our silent disco equipment and organise a party in the school hall or field.

Children absolutely love silent discos! We hire LED silent disco headphones which flash to the beat and glow in red, green and blue. Each child can control their own music volume, making it safe and kid friendly! With the ability to play 3 channels of different music at once, organise different playlists so both adults and children have their own dedicated channels.

Guests can be charged a ticket fee of between £5 to £10 per person, and food and drinks can also be sold to raise extra money. Consider offering VIP packages with exclusive perks to boost ticket sales. Don’t forget to capture the memories with a photo booth or selfie station for attendees to share on social media.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our article on Why Silent Discos are Fantastic Fun for Schools.

Hobbies, Arts and Crafts Fair

Unlock the artistic talents within your school community with an arts and crafts fundraising extravaganza! If you have teachers and parents skilled in arts and crafts such as painting, pottery, or jewellery design, why not showcase their creations to raise funds for your PTA? A ‘hobbies, arts, and crafts fair’ is the perfect opportunity for them to display their handywork while generating revenue through sales to eager buyers. Additionally, consider charging a small admission fee to further boost profits.

Host an event that celebrates creativity and craftsmanship, complete with live demonstrations, interactive workshops, and DIY stations. Collaborate with local artists and hobbyists to offer a diverse array of handmade goods, ensuring something for every taste. Spice up the excitement with a silent auction or raffle to add a dash of competition and increase fundraising potential.

Talent Show

Unleash the school’s hidden talents with a captivating talent show. Participants of all ages can showcase their skills, while audience members contribute through ticket purchases and concession sales. Make extra profits on the night by selling food and drinks.

The event promises entertainment and fundraising success in equal measure. Encourage a diverse range of acts, including singing, dancing, comedy, and magic, to appeal to different interests and talents within the school community. Offer workshops or coaching sessions leading up to the event to help performers polish their acts and build confidence. Consider inviting celebrity judges or guest performers to add star power and excitement to the show.

Who doesn’t want to see their parents and teachers singing and dancing!

Christmas / Easter Quiz

Challenge those brain cells with a seasonal quiz night, ideal for fostering camaraderie among teachers, parents, and students. With online quiz creators readily available, organising the event is hassle-free. Choose a theme that aligns with the holiday season, such as festive trivia or themed rounds related to popular traditions. Offer incentives for participation, such as prizes for top scorers or best-dressed teams, to encourage attendance and engagement. Enhance the experience with themed decorations, refreshments, and music to create a festive atmosphere that adds to the fun and fundraising success.

School Sleepover / Campout

Transform the school grounds into a campsite for a memorable sleepover or campout. Activities like movies, silent discos and games will add excitement, with proceeds from ticket sales supporting PTA initiatives. Create a sense of adventure with themed activities such as scavenger hunts, stargazing sessions, and bonfire storytelling. Provide camping essentials such as tents, sleeping bags, and lanterns for rent or purchase to ensure participants have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Offer overnight supervision by parent volunteers or certified staff to ensure safety and peace of mind for attendees and their families.

School Auction

Elevate fundraising efforts with a school auction featuring coveted items and experiences. Gather donations from local businesses and school supporters, enticing bidders with high-value items and unique opportunities. Create buzz and anticipation leading up to the event by showcasing featured items through social media, email newsletters, and promotional materials.

Offer a variety of auction formats, including live, silent, and online options, to accommodate different preferences and budgets. Provide opportunities for remote bidding and absentee participation to maximise participation and fundraising potential. Consider incorporating themed packages or experiences, such as VIP school event tickets or exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, to appeal to different interests and demographics.

Movie Nights

Transform the school hall into a cinema with regular movie nights. Families can enjoy screenings of popular films while indulging in concessions, including barbecues and ice cream, to boost fundraising. Create a memorable moviegoing experience with themed decorations, cosy seating arrangements, and interactive activities such as trivia contests or costume contests.

Partner with local businesses or film distributors to secure screening rights and promotional support for featured movies. Offer season passes or discount packages for frequent moviegoers to encourage repeat attendance and build a loyal audience base.

School Haircuts

Harness the skills of parent hairdressers by offering haircut services at school events. Proceeds from haircuts go directly to the PTA, providing a practical fundraising solution. Create a salon-like atmosphere with professional equipment, comfortable seating, and personalised consultations to ensure a positive experience for clients.

Offer a variety of services such as haircuts, styling, and grooming treatments to appeal to different needs and preferences. Consider offering add-on services or retail products for sale to maximise revenue and enhance the overall fundraising impact.

Car Wash

Hit the road to fundraising success with a car wash event outside the school gates. Volunteers offer quick and affordable car wash services, with donations contributing to PTA initiatives. Create a welcoming environment with upbeat music, colourful signage, and enthusiastic volunteers to attract passing motorists and encourage participation. Provide a range of service options such as exterior wash, interior vacuuming, and detailing packages to accommodate different budgets and preferences.

Tea Towels / Christmas Cards

Turn children’s artwork into cherished keepsakes by creating tea towels or Christmas cards. These personalised items make excellent gifts and generate revenue, especially during festive seasons. Collaborate with students, teachers, and parents to collect artwork submissions and design templates for the products.

Use high-quality materials and printing techniques to ensure vibrant colours and durable finishes that showcase the artwork to its fullest potential. Offer customisation options such as personalised messages or custom designs to add value and appeal to buyers seeking unique gifts or mementos.

Sports Day Spectacular

Organise a Sports Day Spectacular that engages students, parents, and the wider community in a day of friendly competition and fundraising. Plan a range of athletic events such as relay races, sack races, and tug-of-war contests. Participants can register teams or compete individually, with entry fees and sponsorship opportunities contributing to the fundraising efforts.

Enhance the atmosphere with food stalls, face painting, and raffle prizes to keep spectators entertained throughout the day. Consider partnering with local businesses or sports clubs to provide sponsorship or donate prizes, increasing community involvement and fundraising potential.

Eco-Friendly Fundraiser

Demonstrate your school’s commitment to sustainability with an eco-friendly fundraiser that promotes environmental awareness while raising funds for the PTA. Organise activities such as a recycling drive, eco-themed workshops, or a community clean-up event. Encourage participants to pledge donations based on eco-friendly actions, such as reducing plastic use or participating in sustainable transportation initiatives. Collaborate with local environmental organisations or businesses to provide educational resources, volunteer support, or sponsorship opportunities.

DIY Craft Kits

Tap into the growing trend of at-home crafting with DIY Craft Kits that inspire creativity and support the PTA’s fundraising goals. Curate kits that include materials and instructions for popular crafts such as candle making, knitting, or painting. Promote the kits through school newsletters, social media channels, and local craft fairs to reach a wide audience of potential buyers. Consider offering themed kits for holidays or special occasions to capitalise on seasonal demand and generate excitement among buyers.

Virtual Fundraising Challenges

Embrace the digital age with Virtual Fundraising Challenges that leverage technology to engage participants and raise funds from anywhere. Organise virtual events such as online auctions, fitness challenges, or gaming tournaments that encourage supporters to participate remotely.

Offer incentives such as prizes, recognition, or exclusive content to motivate participation and drive donations. Provide clear instructions and resources for participants to get involved and track their progress throughout the challenge. Encourage sharing on social media using dedicated hashtags or event pages to amplify reach and engagement.

School PTA Fundraising Ideas Conclusion

To recap, here are our top 16 PTA fundraising ideas for your school:

  1. Great British School Bake Off
  2. Charity Shopping Fundraising Sites
  3. Host a Silent Disco School Party
  4. Hobbies, Arts and Crafts Fair
  5. Talent Show
  6. Christmas / Easter Quiz
  7. School Sleepover / Campout
  8. School Auction
  9. Movie Night
  10. School Haircuts
  11. Car Wash
  12. Tea Towels / Christmas Cards
  13. School Sports Day
  14. Eco-Friendly Fundraiser
  15. DIY Craft Kits
  16. Virtual Fundraising Challenges

PTA fundraising for schools is undoubtedly a labour of love, relying on the dedication and selflessness of parents and teachers who generously contribute their time and effort to support the cause.

We trust that our curated selection of PTA fundraising ideas has provided valuable inspiration. Incorporating these ideas expands the opportunities for your PTA to generate funds and engage the school community in meaningful ways. By diversifying your fundraising efforts and embracing creativity, you can maximise support for your school’s initiatives while fostering a sense of camaraderie and pride among students, parents, and staff.

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