The 12 Best PTA Fundraising Ideas for Schools

The Best PTA Fundraising Ideas for UK Schools

Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) and Parent Teacher Organisations (PTOs) are incredible school organisations tasked with raising extra money for a range of school objectives including new facilities, sports equipment, educational field trips and extracurricular activities.

Coming up with new and exciting PTA fundraising ideas for your school can be difficult, however some large events such as fetes, school silent discos and quiz nights will never go out of fashion.

School Fundraising Event Ideas

With these amazing PTA school fundraising ideas, we hope you raise more cash for the PTA group than ever before!

The Great British School Bake Off

With the huge viewing numbers of The Great British Bake Off TV show in recent years, baking is more popular then ever before. Ask budding bakers to contribute their bakes to the PTA fundraising group, which can then be sold at other events such as fetes or parties.  

Charity Shopping Fundraising Sites is a brilliant website that turns online shopping into free donations for your chosen school charity or PTA fundraising group. To join parents simply sign up on the website and when they shop a small percentage of every purchase goes to the school PTA.

Easyfundraising work with some huge online brands including ebay, Amazon, Argos and John Lewis. Why not have a competition at school on the run up to Christmas for the person who raises the most from their Christmas shopping. To find out more visit their Fundraising ideas for schools page.

Host a Silent Disco School Party

School’s out.… for a silent disco! Hire our silent disco equipment and organise a party in the school hall. Guests can be charged a ticket fee of between £5 to £10 per person, and food and rinks can also be sold to raise extra money.

Children absolutely love silent discos! We hire LED silent disco headphones which flash to the beat and glow in red, green and blue. Each child can control their own music volume, making it safe and kid friendly! With the ability to play 3 channels of different music at once, organise different playlists so both adults and children have their own dedicated channels.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our article on Why Silent Discos are Fantastic Fun for Schools.

Hobbies, Arts and Crafts Fair

If you have teachers and parents with arts and crafts hobbies such as painting, pottery or jewellery design, this could be the perfect PTA fundraising event. Many adults have creative hobbies so let them show off their skills to the community, while raising money by selling off their work to the highest bidder.

A ‘hobbies, arts and crafts fair’ is another fantastic PTA fundraising idea as many of the items sold will have high mark-up prices and make great sentimental presents. For extra profit you could also charge a small admission fee to visitors of the fair.

Christmas / Easter Quiz

Test those brain cells! Quiz nights are perfect for teachers, parents, and students alike. It is easy to put together a quiz with many free online quiz creator websites. Charge individuals or teams between £2 to £5 for entry. This is a great fundraiser to do on the run up to Christmas and summer holidays when people have a bit more time to work out the answers.

Talent Show

Your school has talent! Talent shows are always a guaranteed fun and hugely entertaining school fundraising event idea. Teachers, parents and students can all perform, and guests can be charged an entrance fee on the door. Make extra profits on the night by selling food and drinks. Who doesn’t want to see their parents and teachers singing and dancing!

School Sleepover / Campout

Have a sleepover in the school hall or bring tents for a family camping event on the playing field. Need some entertainment during the early evening? Why not combine the sleepover with a move night, live music or host fun games for the group to tire out the children before bed!

School Auction

Hold a school auction and raise lots of money towards the PTA fundraising cause, especially if high ticket items can be obtained. You will need to procure items from friends of the school or approach local businesses and ask them for donations of their goods and services.

Movie Nights

Once a term, turn the school hall into a movie theatre. A great activity that the whole family can attend. If the weather is good you could consider holding the cinema screening outside and making extra profit by having a barbeque and selling ice cream.

School Haircuts

If there is a parent at the school who works as a hairdresser, why not organise for them to donate some time and sell haircuts to brave punters at other events such as summer fetes or fairs.

Car Wash

A car wash is always a quick, simple and inexpensive PTA fundraising idea. Parents and students can contribute their time towards a quick car wash service outside the school gates, asking for generous charity donations to the PTA group.

Tea Towels / Christmas Cards

There are many online companies who can transform children’s artwork ideas into gifts. These are perfect to sell to parents at good mark up prices, especially on the run up to Christmas as they make a great sentimental present. 

School PTA Fundraising Ideas Conclusion

To recap, here are our top 12 PTA fundraising ideas for your school:

  1. Great British School Bake Off
  2. Charity Shopping Fundraising Sites
  3. Have a Silent Disco School Party
  4. Hobbies, Arts and Crafts Fair
  5. Christmas / Easter Quiz
  6. Talent Show
  7. School Sleepover / Campout
  8. School Auction
  9. Movie Night
  10. School Haircuts
  11. Car Wash
  12. Tea Towels / Christmas Cards

PTA fundraising for schools can be challenging and requires generous, hardworking parents and teachers to donate their own time and effort to the cause.

We hope you found our selection helpful. These PTA fundraising ideas can easily be adapted for small schools, middle schools, or elementary schools. Just get creative and go for it!

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