The History of Silent Disco – What are Silent Discos & When Did They Start?

The History of Silent Disco - What are Silent Discos & When Did They Start?

What is a Silent Disco?

Wikipedia defines ‘A silent disco or silent rave is an event where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants.’

Todays latest silent disco equipment uses radio transmitters to transmit 3 channels of music simultaneously to LED wireless headphones. The headphones allow the user to instantly switch between the 3 different audio channels. Read our guide on how to setup a silent disco.

The History of Silent Disco

1990 – Silent Headphones at Outdoor Parties

The silent concept was used by activists way back in the 1990s by using headphones at outdoor events to minimise noise pollution and disturbance to wildlife.

1994 – Silent Disco at Glastonbury Festival

In 1994 Glastonbury Festival linked its on-site radio station to a giant screen allowing people to watch a World Cup football match and simultaneously listen to the commentary on silent disco headphones to avoid disturbing local residents.

2000 – Silent Disco for BBC Wales

In 2000 the BBC held a silent disco at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, where the attendees listened to a band and various DJs through wireless headphones.

2002 – Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 

In May 2002 artist Meg Duguid hosted a silent dance party ‘Dance with me’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, where she created an event in which a DJ played music which was transmitted to wireless silent disco headsets that people sung and danced along to.

2008- Silent Disco Festival on tour

In 2008 HUSHconcerts was the first silent disco company to produce a huge multi-city silent disco tour around America. Incredibly HUSH also held the first ever silent disco boat party as well as the first silent disco beach party at the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

2011- Silent Disco added to the Oxford Dictionary

By 2008, in the UK the craze of ‘Silent Disco’ was starting to gain popularity. In 2009 The Telegraph published an articled titled ‘Silent disco craze spreads’.

In February 2011 the Oxford Online Dictionary finally added the term silent disco to its website.

What Events are Silent Discos Used For?

Silent headphone parties are great fun for a variety of events including:

  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Kids parties
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • End of year school discos
  • Music festivals
  • Christmas work parties
  • Student nights & university balls
  • House & garden parties
  • Scouts & Girlguiding events

What are Silent Disco Headphones?

We only use the latest headphones to ensure perfect sound quality. The 3 channel LED silent disco headphones are easy to use with their own volume and channel switch buttons, giving each user control over what channel they listen to.

Silent Disco Headphone Hire for parties and events

Have Your Own Silent Disco – Hire our Equipment!

Silent discos are perfect for weddings, birthdays, parties and company events.

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