How to Host A Socially Distanced Silent Disco Party

How to Host A Socially Distanced Silent Disco Party

This year, many of the things that we’re used to have changed. Some of them are activities we might not miss, like running for the bus or being in the office all day. But others, like going to live music events, festivals or night clubs and spending time with loved ones, are things we’d like to get back to.

As restrictions ease, lots of us are keener than ever to celebrate birthdays, spend time with our friends and, most of all, have fun. While it’s still important to take care of our health, and that of the people around us, it’s now possible to hold small parties. Read our guide to find out how to host a fun, safe silent disco party for your friends and family.

1. Consider Numbers

Before starting to plan your party, it’s important to review the government guidelines in your area. At the time of writing this article in September 2020, up to six people can meet indoors or outdoors. Of course, these rules are subject to change and vary for organised events and gatherings such as weddings, so you’ll need to check local advice beforehand. The good news is that with Silent Disco Party UK, you can hire anywhere up to 2000 silent headphone sets for a gathering that’s as small or as large as you need.

2. Choose your Venue

Next, you’ll need to think about where you’re going to have your socially distanced party. Silent headphone parties don’t require any specialist set up so it’s easy to host them anywhere. Plus, with minimal noise, they’re a great way to have a party at home without disturbing the neighbours! If you need a little more space and you’d like to host outside, you can take your silent disco anywhere you like: all you need is a laptop, tablet or phone. With a range of 100m, your guests can socially distance while still enjoying the fun.

3. Think About Food, Drink, and Extras

If you’re planning to serve food and drink at your party, it’s important that guests have a place to wash their hands and that everyone has their own glasses, plates and cutlery. If you’re outdoors, it may be easier to ask everyone to bring their own hand sanitiser, food and drinks. It’s also a good idea to stagger eating times so that not everyone rushes for the potato salad at once! The great thing about silent discos is that people can just take their LED headphones off whilst they eat and, meanwhile, everyone else can party on.

4. Create Your Silent Disco Playlists

Now the logistics are sorted, it’s time for the fun part! With three simultaneous music channels, you can put together a range of playlists to suit everyone’s tastes. Many of us have missed clubs, pubs and live music. Silent discos are an opportunity to party to everything you love, all in the same evening. You could choose to dedicate each channel to a different genre, build decade-based playlists or just mix things up with the best silent disco songs ever!

Silent disco playlists with the best silent disco songs

5. Host a Fun Socially Distant Party!

On the day of your party, you won’t have to spend hours setting up your silent disco and you don’t have to hire a pro to man the decks (unless you want to!). With a quick and easy equipment set up, kicking off the fun is as easy as plugging the headphone transmitter into your music device and pressing play. If you’ve downloaded your music, no wifi is necessary either. All that’s left to do is have a much-needed knees-up with your nearest and dearest!

To find out more about hiring a silent disco for your socially distant gathering, just get in touch. Silent Disco Party UK is one of the biggest suppliers in the country and we’re proud to offer the best equipment, delivered to wherever you are in the UK. With easy set-up and long-range headphones, our kit is the perfect solution for a safe and fun party. With silent disco rental costs from £90, start planning your next party today!

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