Silent Disco Apps – How to DJ at a Party Using Spotify Music Streaming App

No DJ? No Problem! How to DJ at a Party Using Your Favourite Streaming Service

Whether it’s because you’d prefer to stay in absolute control of the music, or that you’d rather assign the budget to the booze, using a silent disco app for streaming music to DJ at your party or wedding has never been easier.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to use silent discos apps with your own audio devices to DJ at an event using the worlds most popular music streaming app Spotify.

Music Streaming Apps for Android and iOs

There’s a wide range of silent disco apps and music streaming services on the market including Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, SoundCloud and YouTube Music. All of these apps offer access to huge catalogues of music, which can either be streamed over Wifi and mobile networks, or downloaded to an audio device ready for offline listening. These fantastic services are available on laptops and both android phones and iOs, with many free features that are perfect if you are looking for a silent disco app to run the music at your party.

Combining the extensive audio libraries available from music streaming apps with your home Hi-Fi, a club sound system, or a sea of silent disco headphones can truly make for a night your guests will never forget.

Step 1 – Choose your silent disco music streaming app

There are numerous music streaming platforms and silent disco apps available on the market, which have many similarities, but can vary in some features, stream quality and exclusive content.

You have probably committed to a favourite by now, but we always recommend making use of free trials on other services. Having tested them all our absolute favourite app for providing the music at a silent disco party is Spotify due to its ease of use, enormous catalogue of music and huge collection of premade playlists for all genres, styles and ages.

Spotify offer a free monthly subscription however there will be ad breaks in the music, so this isn’t advisable while using it to DJ at a wedding or event. So you will need to upgrade to Spotify Premium – You can get Spotify Premium here. Once you have subscribed and downloaded the app, all music on the platform is ad free plus you can download songs and entire silent disco playlists, so they are available offline, perfect if you have no Wi-Fi or mobile reception at your party.

How to DJ with Spotify streaming service

Step 2 – Create your silent disco music playlists

Of course, having a DJ saves a lot of preparation time and takes some stress away, but its also expensive and limits your control on the night.

Think of how often people are trudging up to the DJ booth to make requests, especially as the drinks start to kick in. It can get to a point where you may as well have created a playlist anyway, and not have spent several hundred pounds on hiring a DJ.

Spotify Create New Playlist

Spotify is the perfect app for compiling your silent disco party playlists. There are literally thousands of playlists on Spotify, either created by the platform themselves, or by other Spotify users. Type in any keywords into the search bar, such as ‘80s anthems, ‘the best silent disco songs ever’ or ‘90s dance classics’ and there will be an abundance of playlists which you can select and use for free.

This saves you a lot of time, however they may not contain your favourite tunes, so you can also create your own playlists. Simply press the ‘New Playlist’ icon and search for DJ songs to add into your playlist. Once its finished you can sort the order manually or by artist, song title or track length. If you also want to let your friends add in their favourite songs to the list, you can set it as a collaborative playlist.

Hire a 3 Channel Silent Disco for Endless Music Variety

As unbelievable as it may seem, not everybody loves the Macarena! You can never please everybody, and that’s where the beauty of hiring silent disco headphones comes in.

A ‘silent disco’ setup comes with your requested quantity of headphones, as well as 3 transmitters with jack and RCA inputs. This means you can have three different audio devices playing three simultaneous playlists and guests can select which one they listen to with a simple channel switch button on their wireless LED silent party headphones. This offers incredible variety in the music you can play and allows you to get away with tunes that you otherwise wouldn’t have!

Step 3 – Use Spotify DJ Mode at Your Party

To help you DJ at the party, Spotify have included a couple of very helpful features built in to the app. Within the settings preference menu you can tell Spotify to automix the music and choose how long it will crossfade between songs in your playlist, by selecting both buttons.

Spotify Auto DJ Mode

Step 4 – Use Spotify Play Queue Mode

Once your audio device is acting DJ, playing music at your silent disco party, you can still use it to instantly add in new songs to your playlist with Play Queue mode. Had a quick song request, or fancy changing music genres for the next couple of songs, no problem – become a true DJ and add in new songs on the fly. Simply search and scroll to your new desired song and press’ Add to Queue’ to drop it in next to your playlist. Within the Queue list you can even change the play order by moving songs up and down the list as required.

Spotify Queue Mode

Step 5 – Plug-in and play

Time for the fun bit. Whatever your choice of venue, whatever your choice of silent disco app for streaming music, it’s party time!

If you opted to hire a silent disco setup for your party, it’s simply a matter of connecting three different music devices (mp3 players, phones, laptops or tablets) to the channel inputs on the three transmitters. It’s then down to the guests to select which channel they prefer. With music streaming apps running playlists of the best silent disco songs ever its guaranteed fun!

Host Your Own Silent Disco

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