Silent Disco Entertainment for University & College Ball Events

Why hiring a Silent Disco is the Perfect Entertainment for University & College Ball Events

So, your university is holding a big event, perhaps it’s fresher’s week, the end of exams, or just a massive Saturday night at the students union and you need entertainment ideas?!

A silent disco is a brilliant, hilarious event to host at your university. Whether it’s the famous May Ball or June Events, or a big awards evening after party, a silent disco will not disappoint!

What even is a silent disco?

A silent disco is a party where the music plays exclusively into wireless LED headphones. No headphones on: no music in your ears.

This means a silent disco is, to an innocent bystander, a room full of smiling people dancing to nothing and singing three simultaneous songs, acapella. To the participant it’s an exciting disco where you have choice of what you’re dancing to all night.

See what real people have to say about silent discos here.

Here are 8 reasons why you need to hire a silent disco for your next university or student event

1. No compromising on music taste.

With three different channels on the LED headphones, you’re blessed with the choice of what kind of music you want to listen to.

No more suffering through your friend’s dodgy music tastes. You can have 90s R&B on one, indie anthems on a second, and ultimate cheese on the third channel. Throughout the party you can switch it up time and time again and tune in and out with your friends.

If you’re planning the event, you can centre the night around DJs playing 3 different music genres. For example, “Battle of the Genres”: House vs Student Anthems vs Drum & Bass. You could have Boy Bands vs Women that slay or have a Queer night with LGBTQ+ music through the decades.

The point is: the music is YOUR choice; the power is in your hands.

2. It’s hilarious.

When you take the headphones off, and everyone around you is singing loudly and dancing to… nothing… it’s just so bizarre. This experience is one of a kind and makes for some hilarious Instagram stories.

When you look back on the memories from this silent disco in Cambridge, you’ll see what we mean.

Silent disco club night uni students union

3. Hearing your mates talk.

One beauty about a silent disco at your university party is that you can take the headphones off at any time to speak to your fellow students, and actually hear them.

No more straining your voice over the blasting speakers or creating sign language signals across the room. If you want to talk to your mates, you can remove the headphones (or just turn the volume down on the adjustable volume dial), and converse. Happy days.

4. It’s Picturesque.

The wireless LED headphones light up in different colours of red, green and blue, and flash to the beat of the music. Picture a room full with hundreds of headphone lights!

5. You can sing as loud as you want.

When there’s a room full of students with headphones on, you can sing as loud as you want because 1: no one is going to care cos they’re in their own world, and 2: no one will hear you!

With no fear that people will hear your cat-like screeching and judge you: freedom at last. Aaaaand, with your choice of channel, you’ll be singing along to music you genuinely enjoy.

6. No noise pollution!

A silent disco will be, well, silent.

If you have neighbours or light sleepers in the area and your party is going on until 5am, that’s no problem. This means having a headphone party is ideal when you’ve had reports and noise complaints in previous years. You can party until sunrise with little concern for the surrounding people or residents.

On another note, you’re less likely to damage your ears. If you can’t hear your own voice over the music in a venue, the music is too loud and prone to damaging our ear drums. Pretty scary considering how loud uni parties usually are. On our headphones you can alter the volume for your delicate ears.

Silent disco for student nights, parties & uni balls

7. It’s cheap.

Surprisingly, hiring a Silent Disco Party in the UK is not even expensive. You can hire your own equipment to set up from as little as £90!

All the necessary equipment and headphones can be delivered directly to you for the big event. With thousands of headphones in stock, we can cater for huge student events around the UK. View Hire Prices Here.

Silent discos are hugely popular for a range on uni events including:

  • Graduation Balls
  • Student Nights
  • Cambridge May Ball & June Events
  • Oxford Commemoration Balls

8. It works for you

With our DJ hire, we can arrive, set up, deliver the party, pack up, all in a days work, without you having to lift a finger. We can start the party with music playing over a PA system, blasting out the tunes. Then, at your command, we can transfer transition from “normal” to a silent, headphone disco. Whatever works for you.

Silent Discos are flexible for the individual too, whenever you want to take a time out, simple remove the headphones or adjust the volume.

Silent Disco Headphone Hire for parties and events

Silent raves elevate any university student event. You have the freedom of choice with 3 music channels, the convenience of a DJ setting up for you, the benefits of silence, and the hilarious experience of drunk people singing without music.

Book us for your next big student event. Get a Quote now.

How does it work?

The wireless, rechargeable headphones we provide are tuned into 3 different channels. The transmitter receivers can be plugged into 3 separate audio sources (phones, iPads, laptops or DJs) which stream the music.

On the headphones you can flick a switch to change which channel you listen to, as well as an adjustable volume dial for your ears only.

You can either rent the silent party equipment yourself (from only £90) or have a hassle free night complete with a specialist DJ.

Firstly, all you need to do is contact us with an enquiry by filling out our contact form, or Emailing us with your event requirements. Then we’ll get back to you with the prices and further details.

If you have any more questions, check our FAQs.

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