What is an outdoor silent cinema event?

Going to the cinema has been a favourite pastime ever since the first paying audience visited a movie theatre in Paris in 1985. Now thanks to the advances in technology, including silent cinema headphones, the cinema can be anywhere, and it can even come to you! There’s something magical about outdoor movie screenings and we want you to know all of the different ways you can experience it. We’re going to focus on silent cinema experiences because that’s what we know best. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about hard-to-watch silent movies. We’re going to talk about how you can watch your favourite films outdoors on full blast, without upsetting any locals or neighbours.

What is a silent cinema?

A silent cinema is just like any regular cinema experience, but the difference is that the movie audio will play through wireless headphones rather than PA or loudspeaker systems.

What are the benefits of an outdoor silent cinema event?

There are so many benefits to a silent cinema when compared with a regular cinema. Here are some of the top advantages:

  • Viewers can get fully immersed in the experience without being disturbed by others crunching their popcorn too loudly or giggling at crucial moments. We’ve all been there!
  •  Silent cinema headphones can help get around local authority noise restrictions which is great for planning events.
  • Silent cinema equipment can be used anywhere, including outdoor settings, so you watch your favourite movies in your favourite locations. It could be in your back garden, at the local park, at the beach, or on an inner-city rooftop at sunset.

Silent cinema equipment list

The equipment needed to host a silent cinema event is similar to what you need to host a silent disco event, the main difference being that you need a big screen rather than a DJ.

Here’s what you need if you want to host an outdoor cinema party:

· Outdoor cinema screen (standard projector system or large blow-up screen)

· Laptop or DVD player

· A radio transmitter

· LED wireless headphones

· Power plugs

· Audio cables

· Comfy chairs or space to park your car

We can supply all of the equipment necessary apart from the screen, laptop and the comfy chairs! So, feel free to get in touch for the headphones and audio equipment and we will deliver what you need as well as some instructions on how to set everything up. Head over to our contact page – we hope to speak to you soon!

Types of silent cinema events

Thanks to the flexible equipment that allows you to set up a silent event almost anywhere, you can make silent cinema events whatever you want them to be. However, there are some popular types of silent cinema events that we want to share with you to give you an idea of what’s possible.

Drive-in silent cinemas

Image Credit: Silent Disco King

You can guarantee that going to a drive-in cinema is on most people’s bucket lists. Hollywood movies have done a great job at glamorising the experience and demands for drive-in cinema events are on the rise due to global social distancing rules. It’s outside and people are naturally spaced out which makes it a pandemic-friendly event.

Guests simply have to arrive, grab enough headsets for everyone in the car, and find a good spot to watch the movie. Then, just sit back and relax in the comfort of your own car.

Outdoor garden silent cinemas

Image Credit: The Canvas Co

You know I mentioned earlier about cinemas coming to you? Well, with the right equipment you can set up a cinema in your back garden and invite all of your friends over to enjoy it with you.

There are several different companies that offer basic packages right through to the fanciest of outdoor cinema setups. I’m talking champagne coolers, sofas and fancy tents with carpet. Whatever setup you go for, an outdoor garden cinema event with your friends and family will not be one you forget in a hurry.

Outdoor camping silent cinemas

Everybody’s heard about glamping before, it usually involves a posh yurt and bringing everything but the kitchen sink with you on a weekend away. Now there’s a way that you can take glamping to the next level and be the envy of the campsite. Outdoor camping cinemas are a thing, and it involves taking all of the outdoor cinema equipment with you to set up a cinema wherever you go.

Alternatively, if you’re a campsite owner you can host your own outdoor cinema event. All of your campers are guaranteed to love it and they’ll probably book a spot for the following year after the unforgettable experience. The best thing is that you won’t wake up anyone that has decided to get to bed early. Everybody’s a winner!

Find a silent cinema company near you

If you already have a screen, we can supply you with the silent headphones and all of the other equipment necessary to host a silent cinema event. However, for those of you looking for the full package there are a lot of companies to choose from. Here’s what we found:

1.     The Canvas CO. – specialise in luxury glamping accommodation hire and they also offer outdoor silent cinema equipment.    

2.     Outdoor Cinema – is where you can find some of the best and biggest inflatable outdoor screens along with enough silent cinema headphones to host a big event.

3.     Installed Events – offer affordable outdoor cinema packages with free delivery to UK addresses.

4.     Alfresco Cinema – if you know you need a 20ft screen, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?! Then Alfresco Cinema has got you covered.

Final thoughts on outdoor silent cinema events

Are you as eager as I am to attend a silent cinema event as soon as possible after reading this article? I hope so because I know how much fun they can be! Instead of choosing between a drive-in, garden or camping silent cinema, why not try all three this summer?

If you need our help with some of the equipment needed to host an Outdoor cinema party at home or a larger silent disco event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.